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5 Benefits of Investing in High Speed Doors

High-speed rollup doors, also known as high performance doors, are used in a variety of industrial spaces in lieu of traditional doors.

These doors differ from sectional doors, PVC doors and roller shutters due to higher operating speed, ability to sustain a higher number of cycles, and lower maintenance and repair costs. They can be designed as vertical or horizontal, and they are often made-to-order with precise custom sizing and features.

They also offer significant advantages over traditional sectional doors, PVC fabric doors or roller shutter doors.

Profit and Productivity

High-speed doors increase the efficiency of production. A standing rolling door two meters high opens and closes in 11 seconds, compared to the 2 seconds it takes a high-speed rollup door of the same size.

Their higher opening speeds minimize waiting time in front of doors, which helps logistics and traffic flow, increasing profitability potential.

It also limits costs associated with traditional doors, such as reduced repair costs from collisions, reduced workers compensation costs from fewer door-related injuries, and reduced HVAC costs from better environmental controls.

Variety of Usage

These doors work well in any commercial industry, especially those where doors need to fulfill special requirements.

For example, high-speed rollup doors benefit the food and beverage industry, where special temperature regulations are required. Shorter opening and closing times reduce cooling loss, allowing a smoother process and complying with safety regulations.

Employee Safety

Certain industries deal with various types of machinery and chemicals, some of which can be dangerous to employees. Time is of the essence when dealing with hazardous materials, and high performance doors can help.

Installing high-speed rollup doors will section out some of the hazards from your employees, helping keep employees away from the danger. Their quick open and close time minimizes risk of exposure and harm so that your employees can remain safe.

Their high speed also helps deter unauthorized personnel who could jeopardize employee safety from getting into the area.

Reduced Heat/Cooling Loss and Energy Efficiency

When you have an area contained with closed doors, it prevents warm air from escaping, or cold air from entering. With high-speed rollup doors, you reduce the risk of a room repeatedly rising or dropping in temperature. This helps increase the energy efficiency of your business and helps keep your employees comfortable.

High-speed rollup doors also eliminate the need for de-icing in cold applications, as they can be equipped with heated side guides, insulated curtains, and defrosting-systems, essentially eliminating the need for de-icing.

Minimal Maintenance

High-speed rollup doors are easier to clean and maintain than traditional doors; doors with PVC curtains and stainless steel side covers are able to endure heavy use of cleaning agents, minimizing wear and tear with routine cleaning.

In addition, high-speed rollup doors have minimal down time, even when they break down. Many feature a self-reinserting curtain after collisions – opening and closing the door returns the curtain into its side guides. They are designed with a patented push/pull technology that limits wear on moving parts, minimizing maintenance needs.

High-speed rollup doors are known for having repairs that take only 15 minutes or less.

Are you ready to invest in high-speed rollup doors for your operation? Premier Overhead Doors has been installing, repairing and performing maintenance on every type of overhead door and loading dock you can imagine for 17 years. Our customer-centric approach and dedication to our work will ensure you get the results you need. Contact us today to learn about our services!

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