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Time for a Tune-Up: Commercial Overhead Door Maintenance Checklist

From storage to loading and unloading merchandise, your commercial overhead doors are an essential part of your business. After the initial installation of your commercial overhead door, it is important to make sure you properly maintain your door to avoid productivity delays, safety hazards, and frequent repairs.

Preventive maintenance checks are a routine way to take care of your business’s overhead doors by finding and fixing any functionality issues early, or even before they occur. Investing in preventive maintenance for your business’s commercial overhead doors saves you time and money on frequent repairs.

The frequency of which you should perform these checks depends on how much your commercial overhead doors are used and the environment that they are in. At Premier, we recommend preventive maintenance checks every quarter to every six months.

Remember, repairing commercial overhead doors is a highly specialized skill and if done improperly can result in serious injury. If you are performing your own maintenance check, do not attempt to remove, adjust, or loosen any hardware attached to the door’s springs without a qualified professional.

✔ Step 1: Visual inspection

First, visually inspect your overhead door along with its hardware for any signs of excessive wear and tear. A few things to check for include:

  • Any visible damage or cracks in the door
  • Loose bolts or screws
  • Bent hinges
  • Damaged or frayed cables
  • Rusty or broken springs
  • Track alignment and door balance

✔ Step 2: Lubricate moving parts

One of the keys to keeping your overhead door running smoothly for many years is making sure that your commercial door system stays properly lubricated. During your routine maintenance check, lubricate all moving parts of your overhead door including the hinges, tracks, weather stripping, and springs. We recommend using white lithium grease, but a spray on lubricant will work as well. Remember to remove any excess lubricant when you’re done.

✔ Step 3: Check motor operation

The next step in your commercial overhead door maintenance check is ensuring that your door’s motor is operating correctly. When opening and closing your door, check to make sure your door is moving smoothly, not making any strange noises, and landing evenly on the ground when closed. This step is also a great time to replace the batteries in your door’s remote and make certain that all of your door’s safety features are functioning properly.

✔ Step 4: Know when to call a professional

This may be one of the most important steps in your maintenance checklist—knowing when it is time to call a professional for help. If you find that any of your overhead door’s parts are not working properly, do not try to fix it yourself. As we mentioned earlier, trying to repair your commercial overhead door without the correct tools and expertise can be very dangerous. All of your commercial overhead door repairs should be done by a trained professional.

✔ Step 5: Skip the steps next time and hire Premier!

If you want to skip steps 1-4 altogether, it’s time to call our team of experts at Premier to learn about our preventive maintenance services. Premier Overhead Doors offers routine safety inspection and maintenance to guarantee that you get the most out of your commercial overhead doors. Hiring Premier’s team of professionals for your commercial overhead door preventive maintenance needs is a safe, convenient way to save time and money.


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