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What to Consider When Choosing a Loading Dock Leveler

What exactly is a loading dock leveler? If your commercial business or warehouse has a receiving area for trucks, then you are likely in need of loading dock levelers. Loading docks are placed in the gap between a truck trailer and your warehouse floor, preventing potential injury and allowing safe, efficient loading and unloading. Dock levelers in particular equalize the height and distance of that gap so the truck trailer is perfectly aligned with the warehouse floor.

So, why do you need a loading dock leveler? And how do you choose a loading dock leveler? In this blog, we’ll address both of these questions. And if your commercial warehouse is in need of a loading dock leveler, just give us a call and our professional technicians will set up a time to install one for you.

Why You Need a Loading Dock Leveler

Every truck trailer is different, and there’s never a guarantee that your warehouse dock will match the height of a truck trailer. Dock levelers allow you to adjust the height of your dock to allow for seamless loading and unloading. But there are other benefits to installing a loading dock leveler.

Increase Safety

As we mentioned previously, loading dock levelers provide a safer environment for workers. Without them, workers are at risk for injury because of the large space between the trailer and dock floor. If you want to make workers feel more at ease while simultaneously making their job more efficient, a loading dock leveler is the perfect solution!

Increase Efficiency

A loading dock leveler will also make the unloading and loading process much faster and more efficient. Loading and unloading items without a dock leveler is not only cumbersome and time-consuming, but it’s also dangerous. Loading dock levelers will increase the efficiency of your industrial warehouse by providing streamlined work processes.

How to Choose a Loading Dock Leveler

Not every loading dock leveler functions the same way. Below are a few different kinds of loading dock levelers and how they operate to help you decide which loading dock leveler is best for you and your business!


Mechanical loading dock levelers are manually operated and connected to the loading platform. Since they are manually operated, they do tend to perform at a slower pace. The upside? Mechanical loading dock levelers are probably the least expensive option.


Hydraulic loading dock levelers are operated (you guessed it!) with hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders raise and lower the platform, and they also help the leveler perform at a faster rate. They’re quite easy to maintain and are known for being long-lasting as well. If you experience heavy traffic at your business, the hydraulic loading dock leveler might be the best option for you due to its exceptional durability.


Loading dock levelers that are powered with air use airbags to raise and lower the platform. They, too, are simple to maintain and are cost-effective because they require less maintenance and require no hydraulic fluid.

There are many things to consider when choosing a loading dock leveler. But don’t worry! Premier Overhead Doors is here to answer any of your questions or concerns. Contact us today to learn more about our loading dock leveler services.

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